I started my trek into the tech world while attending college with an interest in computers and a desire to work in that field. Accessing the internet opened up a new door for me and what started out as a hobby became a vocation. For the past twelve years I have built websites for small to medium businesses, non-profit organizations and for individuals wishing to showcase their talent, announce their engagement/wedding and to promote their CV in a job search.

I have also developed or assisted in setting up social media profiles including Facebook, Google+, Business/Organization pages, Twitter and LinkedIn. In many cases my work has also included tutoring and mentoring my clients through the process of getting to know their site, how to update it, how to best utilize the site and social media to promote themselves and their businesses and becoming more effective communicators on the world wide web.

Where a client’s time is best served elsewhere I have developed and offered maintenance contracts that provide blog and social media postings on a regular basis.

My past and present clients come from diverse backgrounds and areas of business and interests that continually are a source of inspiration for me. I thank all my clients for their confidence in my work and for the pleasure of working with them.

The Jade Tree Name

When trying to decide on a name for my business, I felt that a certain amount of symbolism was appropriate. In this case, the Jade Tree or Plant was the inspiration for the name. The Jade Plant is often known as the Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant or Money Plant and Money Tree. It’s latin name is Crassula Ovata and it is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers.

With a nod to, and in honour of my step-father’s Chinese heritage, reference to the gemstone Jade also played a role in deciding as Jade has a special significance in Chinese culture where it is considered “the essence of heaven and earth”.

And lastly, Penjing or Penzai which are carefully pruned trees much like the Japanese form of bonsai. “They are often referred to as living sculptures or as three-dimensional poetry. Their artistic composition captures the spirit of nature and distinguishes them from ordinary potted plants”. In this case, a Jade Tree carefully grown and pruned to capture the essence and spirit of nature through contrasts.