Welcome to Jade Tree Studio

Jade Tree Studio offers personalized services in website design and social media for small businesses, organizations and individuals.

Our core business is installing and customizing WordPress based content management systems (CMS’s) which allows you to ‘take control’ of your website and do your own updates.

We help you integrate your site with social media and expand your presence and networking through the internet.

We offer a full range of support services including: Website design and project planning; Development and proofing of content; Social Media including Facebook Personal or Business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc; Website maintenance such as site updates, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn postings; Website hosting; Domain name registration and management.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between your objectives and the technological web world and our focus is on building clean, professional and goal oriented web sites that will work for you.

Once your website is built, we’ll show you the basics of working with your CMS or develop an affordable maintenance package that will take care of website updates and blog and social media posts.

Our main objective is You! And what You want to accomplish with your website whether it be information sharing, selling, advertising or just plain fun.

This site is currently in development so our Portfolio Page is not available at this time.  Come back soon to see examples of our work or Contact us and we’ll be happy to ‘show and tell’